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20 films you should watch

*Not in order.*

  1. Finding Nemo. I remember this film from when I was tiny! I thought it was amazing. Disney Classic's are the best, probably better than the ones these days (no offence to Frozen lovers!)
  2. Ouija. I saw this film the other day and it kept buffering which made it more intense [nice one, Putlocker.] Great film though, if you're into ghosts and other paranormal creepiness!
  3. The Perks of Being A Wallflower. An Adorable movie with great music!
  4. The Cat in The Hat. My dad is OBSESSED with this film. He used to watch it all the time when I was younger, which was fine because it was (and still is) one of my all time favourite films, there's know doubt about that!
  5. The adventures of Sharkboy And Lavagirl. If you don't know this film, you just weren't a naughties kid! It's one of the first films I ever watched and I can still remember it today (and I have a really bad memory!)
  6. Mary Poppins. One of my favourite Disney movies EVER! It just has the best Soundtrack of all Disney films!
  7. Wildchild. I remember when I got this for Christmas when I was 11. I felt like such a rebel because it was rated 12 ha ha!
  8. Series of Unfortunate Events. It's such a creepy, eery film that I loved ever since I first saw it!
  9. Babadook. I've recently watched this movie. Personally, horrors aren't always what I go to, but I loved the storyline to this. If you like movies with creepy children book monsters coming to life, then you should check Babadook out!
  10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang As much as the kiddy catcher creeps the hell out of me, this film is still a fav of mine!
  11. Lilo and stitch. Ohana means family. Family means know one gets left behind. {or forgotten}
  12. Shark Tail. Childhood film right there!
  13. Zathura. I can remember seeing this film when I was 9 or 10 and I didn't know what it was called. It annoyed me for sooo long until last year, it was on TV so I found out what it was called!
  14.  Just My Luck. I mean, Foetus McFly, why else do you think I love that film?!
  15. The Parent Trap. Is there anyone else still wondering how they made that masterpiece?
  16. If I stay. I went to see this at the cinema last year and afterwards I couldn't breathe! Breathe-taking film, I guess. So emotionally incredible.
  17. We're the Millers. What can I say? The whole concept of this film is hilarious!
  18. Freaky Friday. What would you do if you were your Mum for the day?
  19. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. I love the original as much as the Johnny Depp version. It's an amazing film either way.

Issy x


  1. Thanks a lot for this list. I've been quite bored today so I might as well pick one from this list! X

  2. Aw! I loved this film review Issy X


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