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How To Survive A Cold

Cold's can be the worst thing in the world. Let's be honest when other people cough every second, you kind of just wanna walk away. And as someone who is ill near enough every month, I need ways to survive. Here's a few helpful tips. x


Eat your Fruits and Vegetables
We don't like doing it, but you have to. They help your immune system so that whenever you're sick, it helps you fight the cold! Try eating Stawberries; they're rich with Vitamins A & C!


Now, I don't know about you, but when I'm grotted down with something, all I want to do is lay in bed and listen to music. Just relax, and hopefully that horrid cold of yours will drift away.

If you need to be sick, be sick.
This can be very embarrassing in situations at school, but holding it back will only make it worse. Even if you need to get rid of phlegm, you HAVE to spit it out, otherwise how on earth are you to get better?

Hot baths
I love having hot baths. Especially when I just feel like crap. It makes you feel refreshed and soothes a throbbing throat.

Stay Hydrated
Water or fresh juice is a fool-proof way of loosening a cough/cold, so pour yourself a drink and have a nap!

Stay optimitic. You will get better in time. Believe you are getting better and you might just heal!


I'm currently tucked up in bed, coughing and ewwing! Get better soon (to the person reading this!) Love you bye <3

Issy x

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