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XXL Cookies?!

You've probably heard of a big cookie, but have you ever saw anything quite like this:

I made 4 of these during my Food Technology lesson on Thursday. You can find the recipe here: Milk/White Chocolate Cookies. Of course I didn't expect them to be quite as big as they turned out. Basically I had too much mix and not enough space in the crappy little ovens at my school!

They didn't taste too bad, though I probably should have taken them out a bit earlier as they were slightly crunchy around the edges, but they were doughy in the middle which was my goal.

Anyways, I'd recommend making them, as they were fun to make; maybe not at school with the stress of the teachers assistant yelling at everyone to hurry up! The recipe is on my friends Blog so go and check it out!


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  1. This looks so delicious! It's huge, indeed! X


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