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LIFE UPDATE || Lanzarote, Supernatural & I'm Nearly 15!?

Hi everyone! 

It's been a week since I last posted because I've been on holiday with my family to Lanzarote. I was going to take my camera but I didn't have a small enough bag for it so... I didn't get any holiday photos to share on my blog. Also nothing exciting happened to write about. It was kind of better than when I went there in October 2013, because this time there was a group of hot young lads to... look at (and take sneaky photos of.) I got a semi-average tan, whoop whoop! Oh, and how could I forget, I had my very first Orgasm.... its a cocktail

In other news, I am ADDICTED to Supernatural. I started it in April this year, then I stopped watching it after the first series for some daft reason. Then I continued after a 2 month break and have been watching it an unhealthy amount, I'm now on season 5. For some reason it's taking me longer to watch Supernatural than it did PLL because I stop after every episode and just kind of reminise over what I have just witnessed (in a good way!)

One last note. I'm nearly 15 and I'm literally papping myself! I'm only 14, is there not an age between 14-15? Foifteen maybe?! Like, what happens when you turn fifteen? Do you grow an extra leg or something? What happens, I'm scared!!


Blogs I've been Loving

So as I've been off school, it's given me a bigger opportunity to procrastinating in every way possible. I've also found some great blogs, and I thought they deserve a little mention!
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The Sunday Chapter


The Hellish Day At The Gym

Needless to say, I'm an awkward person. I've experienced many 'awkward moments' in my time. The first time I went to the gym is just one of a large list of those moments. So welcome to the Second Chapter of my Awkward Moments (The First is here.)



Hi guys, I'm here to share my makeup/beauty essentials from the drugstore. The majority of the makeup I own is Drugstore but here are the 5 things I could not live without.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer



That awkward moment you forget you own a blog. I'm so sorry... wait has anyone even missed me?! Well I thought I'd just say hi and update you on what's been going on.

So, I haven't been posting very frequently for the lamest reason... I forgot I had a blog! I'm that forgetful, oops! Anyway, I'm back but don't expect posts everyday because I've been incredibly busy. I don't even know what I've been doing but for some reason, I've had legit no time to do anything!

I mentioned briefly that I have been going to the gym. It isn't as bad as I thought it'd be, though I do sweat like a sheep, even though I literally turn up to the gym naked... not literally! I'm proud of myself, because the first few time I went to the gym I was doing 10lbs, and now I can just about do 40lbs! Not on my arms though. I can barely lift a feather with my arms!

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