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LIFE UPDATE || Lanzarote, Supernatural & I'm Nearly 15!?

Hi everyone! 

It's been a week since I last posted because I've been on holiday with my family to Lanzarote. I was going to take my camera but I didn't have a small enough bag for it so... I didn't get any holiday photos to share on my blog. Also nothing exciting happened to write about. It was kind of better than when I went there in October 2013, because this time there was a group of hot young lads to... look at (and take sneaky photos of.) I got a semi-average tan, whoop whoop! Oh, and how could I forget, I had my very first Orgasm.... its a cocktail

In other news, I am ADDICTED to Supernatural. I started it in April this year, then I stopped watching it after the first series for some daft reason. Then I continued after a 2 month break and have been watching it an unhealthy amount, I'm now on season 5. For some reason it's taking me longer to watch Supernatural than it did PLL because I stop after every episode and just kind of reminise over what I have just witnessed (in a good way!)

One last note. I'm nearly 15 and I'm literally papping myself! I'm only 14, is there not an age between 14-15? Foifteen maybe?! Like, what happens when you turn fifteen? Do you grow an extra leg or something? What happens, I'm scared!!


  1. Love your style of writing. I thought, you had your first what... but then I read the rest of the sentence. Hehe! X


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