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So as I've been off school, it's given me a bigger opportunity to procrastinating in every way possible. I've also found some great blogs, and I thought they deserve a little mention!
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The Sunday Chapter

I discovered this blog when I had hit bloggers block. Her blog is full of inspiration and motivation! Also, her blog design is absolute goals!

Milk bubble tea

I'd been subscribed to Becky's blog for a while and last week I gave a few articles are read. Ever since then I've literally never left her blog!


The way this blog is set out is something I will only ever achieve in my dreams. I love every aspect of this blog; from Beauty to Lifestyle.

So that's three blogs I've been obsessed with, there are tons more I like, but I love these three especially.

On Thursday, I'm going on holiday for a week. I'll be back on the 27th. I might be able to post off my tablet but if not then I will post when I'm back. I'll be posting on my social medias if you want to be kept updated. My links are on the sidebar >

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