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Summer Morning Routine

There is a big difference between a School Morning and a Summer Morning, so here is my summer Morning Routine. Hope you like it!

So as there is no school, I wake up late and spend about an hour on my phone/tablet/computer.

Okay, so once I'm more awake, I get up and head to the bathroom. I then take off any excess make up that could be still on my face. Usually I have some black mascara/liner round my eyes so I remove that using Garnier Micellar Water.

I then hop in the shower. Today I needed to wash my hair so I used Alberto Balsam shampoo and Simple Conditioner.

I then apply some Dove gradual tanning lotion because I'm secretly a Vampire... I mean, I hate Summer but I hate being pale so...

I then make my bed because it is where I will probably spend the rest of the day, so I may as well make my home. [I'm in clothes by now, and in the summer I let my hair naturally dry.]

It is now that I let {some} light into my room.

Next I make myself scrambled egg on toast.

After my Breakfast, I brush my pearly whites.

Finally, I slap my face on. Not literally, of course!

So that is my Summer Morning. Of course not every summer day is a gym day, but I'm signed up for a month, so I have to make the most of it.

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