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The Big Dignity Drop

This is the story of when my dignity plummeted to the Earth's core. Or in other words, the time there was hot guys outside of Sainsburys, but The Big Dignity Drop sounded better!

So, I mentioned I go to dance of Fridays on My new Schedule (Little self promo there), ergo my story begins on a Friday. As mine and my friend's usual routine goes, we walk to Sainsbury's to get drinks and sweets before dance, this day was no different. We walked in to the shop and were welcomed by the warm central heating. We made our way to the refrigerator. My friend got an energy drink; I got a Sprite. We navigated to the sweet aisle (we know our way round very well) and picked up some crisps and sweets (I can't remember which ones but it's invalid.)

My friend and I made our way to the check out. Once we were done I think I said "I swear, if we see anyone we know..." At that EXACT second, as we approached automatic door. BOOM. A hot year 11 walked round the corner, followed by 4-5 member posse of fit Year 11's (one of which I have a slightly huge crush on but aw well.) I got the laughing fits, as I do when I'm humiliated/ see a hot guy. My friend walked faster, which I wasn't expecting, leaving me behind this group of lads. Resulting in me having to speed walk, and finally do a light jog.

Once out of site, we legged it to dance and flopped to the ground. I peered out of the window on the door and to my delight, they had gone. My friend turned to me saying "You dropped something out there," I checked in my pocket, I had my phone. She continued "... your dignity." Let's just say, we were rolling with laughter till it hurt!! It was funny, but a huge kick in the dignity. I don't even know why, I think it was the jog I did in front of them that did it, I mean, running itself is awful, so in front of people you see near enough everyday at school.. big no no.

To wrap it up, never jog in front of hot guys, it results in losing your dignity before your virginity, and that ain't a good thing!

Issy x 


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