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The Planet Where Everything Goes Wrong

*Hi everyone. I was tidying up my cupboards the other day and you know when you find something you haven't seen in ages and you sit there for 6 hours nostalgically thinking? Well that happened. I was looking through one of my year 4/5 English books and I found a story I wrote. Ok guys, bare in mind I was 10 when I wrote this, it has a lot of mistakes. I'm going to type it how I actually wrote it so I'm sorry if you can't read any of it!*

Thursday 3rd February 2011


Suddenly, I woke with a start. I noticed, I wasn't a home anymore, a mixed up place I was indeed! As I turned the corner there stood a disgusting looking person, bald with an arm for a leg and a leg for an arm. The was a massive bang as he walked around the tree, back to where he came from. The bang was his boots stomping on the floor! As he went I noticed he must have taken my suitcase because it had completely dissapeared (Note: That is actually how I spelt it) When I dashed over to take a closer look at where the person came from, I noticed that there was an enormous heard of people, like the man, having breakfast.

Le. Normally, I would be scared to face my fear and not go up to them but this time (strangely enough) I faced my fears and was brave to go up too them! 

"Hello I am Isabel Thompson, the famous explorer from Cleveland. Who are all of you?" I strongly asked. 

"We are the Nagfats. What are you doing on our planet?"

"Oh erm, you see I have no idea how I got here. I woke up and was startled myself."

They asked me if I wanted something to have. Of corse I said yes. "By the way do you have my suit-case?" I asked.

"Yes, there you go."

"Thanks." I politely said. The boiled egg wasn't very nice because I couldn't dip my soldiers in the yoke. YUCK!

I was layed in a golden barrel. Slowly, I climbled out of the barrel. Crash. 

"Owch" I said. "Who through that?" I crossly snapped. 

"Oh that was ha m-h-e," one of the nagfats smerked. "Do you want to play panganda?" 

"How do you play that?" 

"It's as easy as throwing a ball" 

"OK," I said back. But it was a bad idea because the ball was a rock and the Nagfats kept on aiming for me.

After a while, I got bored of 'Panganda' because they kept on really enoying me literally all the way through 'the game.' My stomache rumbled. "Sounds like you need some good old tea in your tum" said the leader of the Nagfats.

"Well yes if that's alright with you?" I asked. I should have laughed and smerked than just say yes. *Bork* It was fowl because it was all mouldy. Finally, I knew what to do, first thing I'm going to sneak off to have a look at the, erm, planet, wait for any passing Nagfats and then make a run for it. But I really shouldn't, I thought. SO I left it with my life going STRANGLEY wrong and that's that!


I guess age 10 was the random phase! Also I 'noticed' a lot of things! Hope you enjoyed...

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