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What's On My Dresser?


My desk and drawers are both from Ebay.


So on top of my drawers, I have a lamp and eight jars. Basically, I've been waiting for any jam jars to be empty, washed, and left in the kitchen. I'm waiting for two more and then I'll have a completed circle! I put things like make up, bobbles, grips, pens, and pencils in them. I just think it's a super easy little DIY that anyone's capable (it also keeps your desk area looking neat and organised.


After watching hours (and I mean hours) of DIY Room Decor ideas on Youtube, I came across a 'Jewelry cake-stand.' Now, I don't have many cute necklaces and bracelets, so I've used it for Make up. My dad made my mum loads of these 'vintage and chinz' cake-stands and my mum kindly let me have one! I think it looks really cute and it's a great way of displaying your make up!


Some time last year, my mum came home with these cheap baskets. They're really pretty (and productive.) I put my face products like powders, foundations and moisturisers in them.


Hope you like my little tour of my Dresser. It's probably my favourite areas of my room without a doubt!

Issy x

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