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I am no psychologist, but I have found that these 10 tips works sufficiently for me.

  1. Tell yourself "I will not fall asleep." I read somewhere that our brain doesn't work well with negatives, so by telling your brain 'you will NOT sleep' tricks the mind and makes you more sleepy. I don't know how it works, but it does!
  2. Turn off ALL electronics. I know how hard it is to not touch your phone and scroll through your instagram, but it's bad for you. When I went to the dentists about my sensitive teeth, he told me that if you focus on any electronics before you go to bed, it some how sets off stress levels (I think.) This can cause teeth grinding (which isn't fun, trust me.) So turn your phone, tv, tablet (whatever you have) an hour before you go to bed.
  3. Meditate. Not only is it relaxing, but it also clears your mind of all negativity. There's a lot of FREE relaxing music playlists on spotify, so pop it on and just relax!
  4. Make sure your room is cool. Now my room heats up too fast, so I tend to not turn the radiator on, but it also gets VERY cold. So if your room does get quite stuffy in the night, invest in a fan (though they are cool.) Also I think it has been proven that you can sleep better in a cool room.
  5. Read a book. It tires you out, well, it tires mee out. The only issue with this one is that if the book is AMAZING, you kind of don't want to put it down.
  6. Have a drink. Tea, milk, anything you like. Hot drinks make you sleepy!
  7. Make sure your bed is comfortable. Prepare your bed with blankets and pillows, anything that keeps you comfortable.
  8. Exercise throughout the day. Wear yourself out. The more active you are the faster you will sleep, because you simply will not have the energy to stay awake any longer!
  9. No snacks before you go to bed. Okay. Toast is okay. What I mean is sugary sweets or chocolate. The only good sugar gives you is energy, so it could make you sleepwalk!
  10. Don't sleep in. I REALLY need to take my own advice because the amount of times I've missed the bus because of sleeping in is ridiculous (sorry Macy!) Have a set time to wake up and stick by it. I usually set my phone for 6:45am (stupid school) but I think I need to infuse in one of those alarms that roll off your side table so you're forced to get up to turn it off! Also make sure you stick to that time on weekends, or if you want to change it, change it in 15 minute intervals. That was your brain won't be slacking!
I hope these tips helped anyone, I'm happy I discovered them! Thanks for reading. <3

Issy x 

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