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To Do List

Very random blog post for you today. Here's a list of things I need to do/buy:

  • Get some drawer dividers from Ikea.
  • Buy a new pair of black skinny jeans from Primark, and rip the old ones in more places than just the knee.
  • Clean make up brushes.
  • Bin old and dried up nail varnishes.
  • Give the body wash and lotions to Macy.
  • Walk Nic's dog (and save up for NYC!)
  • Sort out my chest of drawers and wardrobe.
  • Take things to the charity shop.
  • Get my hair dyed darker.
  • Start reading Hexed again.
  • Film videos with Emma when it's sunny.
  • Go for a walk round the block after tea.
  • Decorate the jam jars
  • Dust the TV cabinet. Seriously, it's in serious need!
  • Organise your 'file explorer' on the computer.
Issy x

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