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Tips for Decluttering/ Organising Your Clothing Space

1. Take all of your clothes out of their storage spaces and dump them on the floor. Place them in different piles eg. shirts, jeans, dresses. Go through each item from every section and ask yourself  'Am I ever going to wear this?'/ 'Is it necessary to own it?' If the answer is No, get rid of it. You have to be quite ruthless with your choices!

2. When hanging clothing back up in your wardrobe, hang heavier/thicker items (coats, jumpers) on the left, and gradually get lighter.

3. If #2 doesn't work for you, try hanging long clothes to the left and gradually get shorter.

4. When putting clothes in drawers, display them vertically instead of one on top of the other. This means that you can see what you have and overall makes your life a lot easier.

5. This probably sounds ridiculous (it did to me when I first heard it,) fold your socks instead of scrunching them. Display them vertically, allowing you to see what colours and patterns you have to choose from

6. Get a shoe holder organiser thing! I have one where you slide your shoes into each pouch and hang in on your clothing rack!

So that's 6 simple steps I have for you. Most of the are inspired by Marie Kondo's 'The life-changing magic of tidying.' I don't own the book, but I've watched a lot of walkthrough videos on YouTube!
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