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English Revision Resources (GCSEs)

Revision; something I have limited knowledge about. But what I do know are some helpful resources that make revision time that little bit easier.

For revising English Language and Literature (GCSE) I would recommend buying York Notes books. I have An Inspector Calls, Macbeth, and A Chrismas Carol books. They have loads of information on the characters, setting, context etc. They've also got tips on how and what to write about. They were about £3-5 from Amazon, they're definitely worth it if you struggle with ideas.

A free alternative to York Notes books is Mr. Bruff's Youtube channel. He has quick, insightful video tutorials on near enough everything, from literature to language. He has eBooks for £3.99 but, to be honest, his videos explain pretty much everything you need to know.

Genius. I've talked about Genius on my blog before but I think it deserves another shout out! It's a lyric analysis app BUT it has books such as the ones I mentioned earlier. The thing I struggle with mostly (in English lit) is coming up with ideas for what the author means, so Genius is really handy for quote annotating!

Gojimo. I downloaded this app a while ago, I can't remember how I found out about it, but I'm over the moon I did! Basically, it's a quiz app. But not just for English Literature; it has quizzes for nearly every subject. If you've forgotten the plot of An Inspector Calls (because let's face it, who can be bothered to memorise that,) you can do a quick quiz to jog your memory!

And that was a very quick blog post about English revision resources for GCSEs, you are very welcome! x

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