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Verbal Bullying In Schools

So I went back to school and already I've seen things happening that don't seem right, therefore I thought I'd write one of those things  in the form of a Blog Post. 

"We care about each and every one of you."
Do you now? Because I swear I just heard somebody crying in the toilets, probably from bullying. No matter how many assemblies we have on Anti-Bullying, it's still going to occur. 

So, one type of bullying that happens a lot in schools is Verbal bullying. 77% of school children are verbally bullied (that's only the kids who speak up, U.S statistics.) There's so much for people to get picked on; from the way someone looks, their sexuality, to more personal stuff, like family and economic matters. 

This is just something that I personally think [WARNING: If you don't like opinions, please stop reading!!] Girls are naturally bitchy characters. If you're a girl reading this and you think I'm wrong, have you ever talked about someone behind their back, because I guarantee somewhere down the line, you've done it. I've done it, everyone's done it. It's mostly because we're jealous, but we'll never quite admit that. In my opinion, guys seem so much more layed back. They'd fight and have an argument, but after so long, they'd make up.  Obviously this probably isn't the case and guys probably can get hurt by words just as much as girls do, 'cause I know that I hold grudges for years...

Anyway, back how schools handle bullying. Our school likes to think it is amazing at erasing the bullies, but I'd just like to clarify that an Anti-Bullying Club (in which you have to wear a turquoise badge for) will only make matters worse. It's like making kids walk about with a sign above their heads saying "Hey, I am a weak target 'cause I have to go to an Anti-bullying club. Bully Me!!" What you need to do is just wait until the student is ready and have a one-to-one conversation with them. Remember, it's not the victim who needs to toughen up, it's the bully.

What bullies need to realise is that words hurt. Calling someone a name can mentally and physically harm them. 59% of suicides are caused by verbal bullying. When is it going to end? Because with the increasing amount of young people on Social Medias, bullies are just in their elements. I don't understand how silly some people can get. If you don't like someone, don't talk to them. You don't have to even look at them. If you need to let off some steam, that quiet kid in your class isn't your human punch bag.

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