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Hello, everyone! So I thought I'd let you know my plan for what I'm doing in the next couple of weeks.

It's exam season, and I've got three Science GCSE's in 1 weeks time, and they spread across 2 weeks if that makes sense. My blog posts have been a bit thin on the ground lately because I guess I've been subconsciously worrying about these exams!

So as my brain is literally only thinking of planets, genes, chemicals and tectonic plates, I thought I would just give blogging a break for a few weeks. I thought this would be the best way around it because I don't want to post something that I'm not super happy with.

Hopefully, I should be back on the blog around the 23rd May although I do have a Physics exam on the 25th, so I will say I will be properly back around the end of May.

I might be posting on my Twitter and Instagram accounts, so be sure to follow me over on there for any further updates, though I think the most I can Instagram is just a flat lay of Science past papers! Oh, and while on the topic of self-promoting, I've also made a Facebook page, so if you'd like, you can like it here!

Also, I just realised I've reached 10,000+ pageviews, which slightly blew my mind - so thank you for visiting my blog!

Hope you have found this helpful, at least now you know I haven't just neglected you, haha!

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