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Homeware Wishlist:: URBAN OUTFITTERS

1. This quirky cat wall print is right up my alley (basically, I love anything involving cats.) It's £20, which is pretty expensive considering it doesn't come with a frame!

2. The smallest mirror is £20. Medium size is £40. Large is £90. At first I thought all three were £20 which is a great price for Urban outfitters, however they'd all come to £150, so I guess I don't need them, haha! I'm loving the copper frame though!

3. I have seen this cushion in the background of Lily Melrose's videos, and I always love the design.

4. I love this boho open eye mirror, I also really like the light wooden colour of it.

5. I think this cushion would go great in my bedroom, as I have a lot of light blue, and I've been loving the grid pattern trend.

6. I have been looking for a rug to go under my dressing table to basically hide all the makeup stains in that area! I was thinking 'fluffy rug' but then I found this one and I think it'd look good in my room, only issue is that it's £75!

7. I love this cushion, and the phrase. And the design of the font!

8. On the search for a rug, I also came across this one, which I think I like more than #6 because a) it's £25, b) it has elephants on it and c) it's smaller and the colour is lighter!!

9. Good Vibes Only... most common phrase right now, but I love it! This print is £20, but I saw one similar to it in Pretty Twisted for about £2 so....

P.S I've finally finished my Core Science GCSEs! I cannot wait to start blogging again! X


  1. I love prints like that "good vibes only" one - they're perfect to hang over desks to keep you motivated! Great that you found the £2 bargain too!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

    1. I know right! I could do with a few motivational quotes dotted around my walls!

  2. That cat wall print is so cute, we love cat accessories too! Those copper mirrors are also awesome, maybe start with one and go from there!

    ISA Professional


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