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What I Love About Autumn

(Photo Credits: We Heart It)
Hello, everyone! So I was in the bath and I thought about everything I love about Autumn. It got me really excited so I decided to open up blogger and get writing!

When I'm on the bus, Macy (AliceInNeverland) and I look out the window and look at all the trees. We literally sit there like Cheshire cats (see what I did there) in awe of all the orange leaves. As soon as one tree has turned for the season, it fills me with joy. I don't know why, it's just they look amazing and the sound of walking on crunchy leaves is just.......

The weather is a the right temperature. It's not too hot and it's not too cold. It's juuuuuuust right! I love it when the weather is still. By this I mean it's about 12 degrees with a light breeze and no sun. I like it when it's gloomy, it makes everything look that little bit more Autumnal!

 Halloween!!! Halloween is my FAVOURITE celebration. It's kind of like the only day you get to be either someone else, or what you want to be. I love getting dressed up, but I'm not a massive fan of actually going trick or treating. I've gone trick or treating nearly year and (though I enjoy it) I don't have friends who would actually go with me. As a socially awkward 15-year-old that I am, knocking on strangers doors asking for sweets probably wouldn't mentally help me out a great deal!

Release The freakin' Hounds started at the beginning of this month. I watched the first series last year and I loved it, but then it finished. I screamed when I found out it was back on this year!!

Black becomes a socially acceptable colour to wear, to be honest, I wear black all the way through the year but in October, black clothing makes me feel warmer!! Also, I love wearing layers so Autumn is my time to shine!!

There're a lot more reasons why Autumn is my favourite season, but I didn't really want to write an eight-page essay because I'm lazy, haha.

I'm thinking of doing a Halloween Makeup Ideas mini-series before I go to NYC next week, so be ready for them! 

♡ Issy ♡


  1. So lovely to read this! Makes me hate autumn a bit less, hehe. (kidding, I just don't like the rain!) X!

    1. I don't mind the rain, but I'm never prepared for it! X


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