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9 Helpful Websites Everyone Should Use

I've got together a bunch of websites that I use on a daily basis; whether I'm bored, need help, or just want something to do. These 9 websites are sure to lift a ton of weight off your shoulders - I know #6 does for me!


You've probably already heard of this, but it's so handy. Basically what it does is it shortens URL's down for you. You just copy the link into the website and it does the rest for you!


I love this. Let's face it, who likes checking through their blog posts for errors? Because I know I don't! You don't have to download it, but you can make a FREE account then the little green spinny arrow goes wherever you go. It's great for all your near-typo experiences! 


For those of us that are too tight to spend a ridiculous amount of money (A.K.A £5.99 a month) on Netflix, there's still hope, guys!!


Spend less time on finding a movie, and more time on watching them!


Pretty Self Explanatory. A site that solves the world's problems.


My English teacher told me about this. If you have an English Literature Exam coming up then, you can type in the name of the book/play and the Act/Chapter. Click on a Line and see what the hell it means!! E.g


Good for if you constantly use the same words over and over and over again in your life!!!

8. ****

I've just found this page and I like it. It's... different, and it's just something to do to procrastinate. You're Welcome!


Learn Something New Everyday. You need to have an e-mail, but it's completely safe, and it does not spam you. It's just a little newsletter to get you informed!

P.S I'm off to NYC! I've always wanted to go, so when my school announced that 30 students could go in October, I jumped at the opportunity! However, this sadly means I will not be able to post on my blog for 5-6 days, but I will be back with A LOT of New York related posts, Heehee! Thanks for understanding. X

♡ Issy ♡

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