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How I wash My Makeup Brushes

1. I get a tub of warm, soapy water with a tower. Make sure the towel goes in the was afterwards!

2. So I fill a tub up with hot water, then I either add a shampoo or shower gel.

3. Swirl the dirty makeup brush in the tub and squeeze out the water, getting rid of makeup product that's on the brush. If it's an eyeshadow brush, I'll swirl it on the palm of my hand.

4. I rub the brush (in circular motions) on the towel.

5. I then go to my sink and rinse off any soapy water. I squeeze the water out.

6. Once I've cleaned all my makeup brushes, I put them on the window sill and let them dry overnight or through the day.

I clean my face brushes every 4 weeks (roughly) and eyeshadow brushes every few weeks (or just whenever they get too dirty/black.


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