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A Little Haul

Hello Everyone! Today I have a little haul with Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle; triple whammy, basically! So let's get started!

Grey and Black speckled coat from H&M
Seriously though - how gorgeous is this?!

Red and Black flannel from New Look
Red flannels have been haunting me. I see them in EVERY shop I go in, but I never have any money on me. I saw this in New Look and I finally delved.

Stippling Brush from Real Techniques
I really needed a brush to apply foundation with, but every brush I've used has been too loose and soft, but this brush is super dense and applies makeup superbly (if that's even a word!)

'Your eyes/enhanced Starter Set' from Real Techniques
I bought this Starter kit with a range of eye brushes, they're really good and the "Base Shadow Brush" is incredible!

The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire by Dan and Phil

Here's my favourite page; Dan and Phils Aesthetics!
Well that is everything I bought with the money I had left over. I love every single thing. Also Happy Halloween (for Yesterday.) 

Talk to y'all next time. Did I just say 'y'all'? I'll leave now...

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  1. What a lovely haul! Hehe, never heard the title 'The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire', haven't been watching too many YouTube videos lately - such a funny book title :-) X!


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