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Is Social Media Really THAT Bad?

There's a trend going around about how Social Media is not Real Life, and it's right. It's not real life. It has never been real life. But ever since I can remember, social media has been seen as a negative impact on us. I was brought up with computers and Social Media being such a massive impact in daily life. In school, we use Google Drive as a way of sending Homework (if it had to be done on the computer.) There is even media on the computers to track whether your child has been doing their homework. Heck! Even paper registers have gone the journey! We are definitely at a time in life when computers are getting so dependent. 

There was a time when Social Media was praised. I remember when it was the 'in thing' to get a Facebook account. Sharing your life on the internet was seen as a good thing. In a way yes, it's bad that sharing things on Facebook is/was more important than it, but I had no problem owning a Facebook account and living life as a child. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do spend more time in my bedroom than actually outside but, blame that on Science Homework!

When you think about it, people know the difference between Social media and real life, at least I hope they do... What you saw on that person's page could've been the complete opposite to what actually happened. That photo of those people partying on Instagram could've been staged- false. Don't always believe what you see, unless you were there.

Social Media is an amazing thing. It's like a virtual reality, it's not actually a reality, you can't live in an app! But you can have so much fun, like what if you take an amazing photo and you don't want it to be wasted; post it! Because, as they say, sharing is caring! What I want to say is, do not take Social Media seriously. It's there to be enjoyed, and so is real life. Limit yourself to a healthy amount of time to spend on social Media. 

If you wish to correct me on any of my points, please do, and I'd love to hear other peoples opinion on the whole matter.


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