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What I Got For Christmas 2015!

Hello Everyone, hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas, and got everything you wished for and more! I thought I'd share what I got for Christmas, simply because I LOVE reading this kind of post, or watching this kind of video.  I'm not boasting at all and I'm really grateful for everything I got!

Anastasia Beverly Hills- Contour Kit
I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I opened this, This contour kit is beautiful and I don't think I want to wreck it

This, ladies and gents, is a WIRELESS KEYBOARD- I had no idea this thing existed but I am blooming glad it does
This brush claims to not damage hair, so I might have to report back to you on that one! It's pretty cool looking though, right up my aesthetics!
These are from a Seventeen Gift Set, I can't remember which one it was because I kind of binned the packaging! It's a cream bronzer and a Shimmer brick with the softest brush EVER!
I found these little pieces of jewelry in my stockings. I love getting new jewelry so I was really chuffed with these gifts!
I also got a few Lush bits from my friends and family.
So White | Dragons Egg | Candy Mountain | Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment (Bath Oil)
What's Christmas without a big bag of chocolates and sweets?!
I got this canvas off my friend. If you didn't know, I went to NYC with school and a few of my friends also went, so this present was a lovely memory.

I also recieved Garnier Micellar water. My mam must've known I was running out of this!

I got a Nail polish twist pot which is honestly the greatest thing that's ever been inventer and the original Batiste (the original is by far the best!)

I can't wait to use these face masks!
I got this blue fluffy throw from Primark. I'm getting my room redecorated soon and this will go perfecty.

I got these two room decor pieces, they're literally SO cute!

If you know me, you'll know that I'm the biggest stress-head in the world. Things that shouldn't stress me out, really stress me out! I never thought of colouring as a theraputic activity, but it really is. My mam bought me the 'Enchanted Forest' colouring book along with coloured pens and pencils.
I got these little bird cage lights that I cannot wait to put in my room!

I got this duo pack from Joico. Joico hair products are really good and I'd say they are one of my favourite brands!

I don't know what these bobbles are called, but they're great because they don't rip your hair out at all!

I got this beauty put together my mam, I'm definitely using the jar once I'm finished!

This is a long awaited hot water bottle, because I was slowly but surely growing out of my baby one haha!

My friend got me this mini cupcake kit with chocolate sprinkles, my cat was really fastinated with the bells on the top when I first opened this!

I got a Soap & Glory Bright And Bubbly gift set with some of my favourite products in, including Hand food, Scrub of your life, clean on me, and the righteous butter. Also, because I'm a sucker for boxes, I'm gonna reuse the box for makeup storage, heehee!

I got a few sprays and perfumes from family and friends, including Jack Wills, Impulse, Charlie, and Avon's Premiere Luxe Gold Blush.

A handy book I recieved was Dana Fox's 365 Blog Topic Ideas. This will be useful as I am that lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about. 

I got this water bottle with a little bouncy/clicky lid that I found myself messing on with in amazement...
I think this has got to be one of my favourite Christmas presents, not only because it's Jaspar but because I really want to travel when I'm older, I want to see more that just my back garden! 
These were out of Benefit 'Tan About Tan' gift set. They're all as amazing as I thought they'd be!

This is Real Technique miracle complexion sponge that I've wanted for so long. I love it because it applies foundation naturally but still gives me a lot of coverage. I haven't quite mastered using it damp though :/
I got Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray and Avon's Setting Spray, which both work like a dream.

I'm sorry but how pretty is this!!!? My best friend done goooood!!
I got this shower gel from my friend and it smells beautiful! *Heat eye emoji* x10

I got this beautiful purse from my Auntie, Uncle and Cousin, I'm really grateful because my current purse has seen better days!

I got this hand book which I've had a few laughs with, definitely my kind of dictionary!
I got these two Structure products, a hair treatment and a styling spray. I used the hair treatment the other day and I'm not sure if it gave me an itch or not but that could just be me.
I got this room defuser that I had been eying up in Primark for a long time, my Mam knows me so well!
Macy made me a little booklet of reasons why I' her best friend, she always gets me something cute!!

But probably one of my favourite presents was this iPod Touch 6th generation. I'm scared to update it to 9.2 though because my mam has had problems with it!
I hope you all got what you wanted this Christmas, and I will type to you in the New Year.

Isabel X

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