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2015: Round Up Of My Year

So much has happened this year. It doesn't feel like it, but it's been SUCH a busy year for me when I look back on it.

I started this Blog this year. In March/April, I made Simple Enchantment after forever putting it off because I couldn't make the 'time' to write, even though the majority of my life is spent in front of an electronic screen of some description! I've loved writing blog posts, even though my blog hasn't got the biggest amount of followers, numbers do not mean everything, as long as you enjoy what you do. I'll definitely continue typing into 2016!

This year also brought my shared YouTube channel. I always wanted to start a Youtube channel, but I never had the confidence to do it alone. My friend Emma also wanted to start a Youtube, so we got together and make ItsEmmaAndIssy. Again, we haven't got the biggest amount of subscribers but the joy we get out of filming is something that we cannot put a number on!

I got my first DSLR Camera this year! I love photography, and my Dad ever so kindly bought me Canon EOS 100D. It's such an upgrade from my Olympus Compact camera! It's literally my baby and I love it more than I love to sleep, and I love to sleep!

I cannot forget that this is the year thAT I FOUND SUPERNATURAL!! The love of my life, my new fandom home! I started watching Supernatural in April, after seeing wayyy too many Destiel gifs! I gave it a break (because we all need a break now and again, right?!) then started watching it and I am super glad that I did!!

There was this one time that Putlocker ruined Pretty Little Liars for me. The episode where we all get to find out who A is. The suspense built up as the Putlocker page loaded up
Just imagine waking up, turning your computer on to watch one of your favourite mystery programmes, and the hooded main character unmasked on the thumbnail... thanks so much Putlocker!

So this year I went out of the country twice. The first time was to Lanzarote. I don't really have much to say about this, apart from that there was a group of good looking guys that I kicked a ball back to... can we just establish I was wearing crocs (These but pink)

The Second time I left the country was to NEW YORK CITY!! It was the first time I had ever gone to America, let alone NYC! It was such a good experience, one that I hope to live through another time in the future!

On a more down side of the year, a lot of weird stuff has happened this year, such as the time in school when I forgot where I was. I had complete disorientation and some creepy stuff was happening in my head. Prior to this, I had quite a few blood tests, and it turned out I had Iron Dufficiency; it's really commom for girls my age apparently. Anyway, I was takin Iron tablets for 4-5 Months (I think) and eventually, my iron level rose!

I don't want to talk much about this but I nearly went on a date. Key word being 'Nearly.' Somebody (not mentioning names) asked me out, but because I'm thick as poo I thought he meant as friends; he didn't. Anyway, to cut the story short, he couldn't get a lift to the place we were meeting so my first date experience did not happen... 

I started the gym this year! Well, when I say started, I had a Month's subscription to the gym and I actually managed to go for more than just once! I did genuinely really enjoy it, that has nothing to do with the fact I got Chips and fanta straight afterwards; Thank You, Mam!

I'm pretty sure that's everything that's happened this year, if there's anything I've missed out I'll definitely mae a Part 2, I've really enjoyed reflecting on the year! Thank you for reading my last 2015 blog post, type to you next year!

Isabel X

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