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My Haircare Routine

Hello everyone! I've got a new (and improved) haircare routine. Not gonna lie, I don't normally stick to routines, but my haircare routine is something I've always stood by! So without further ado, let's start with the washing system.

I wash my hair every other day; e.g Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc. Or whenever it needs washing. I wash my hair on the night most of the time, apart from if I have to wash it on Saturday's.

Shampoo-Alberto Balsam- Coconut and Lychee
I massage this into my scalp, because it stimulates hair-growth (I think!)
*Those editing skills tho*
Conditioner- Alberto Balsam- Mango and Passion Fruit
Conditioner- Structure
With conditioner, I leave it only on the ends for a couple of minutes.
Lee Stafford- Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length
I don't use this every single wash. I use it if my hair feel a little bit weak. It's like red meat, but for your hair- and it smells nicer than red meat, haha!

I never really use a hairdryer, because it damages my hair SO much! It also makes it feel flat, so I just comb through my towel-dried hair and let it dry. My hair drys quite quick, it drys within an hour or two.

So that is my haircare routine. A few other extra products I use are:

Joico Restorative Styling Oil
I SWEAR by this stuff! It's helped my through heat frizz and just general hair damage. It leaves a shine and leave my hair feeling renewed!
Joico Hair Shake- Liquid-to-Powder Finishing Texturizer

*Joico Hair shake Liquid-to-Powder finishing texturizer
Love love love!!! Finally, I found a texturizing spray that actually works and doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and cotton-y!

I'd just like to say that all these opinions are genuinely my own, and I wouldn't use anything that doesn't actually work!!


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