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My Favourite Christmas Movies

Hello everyone! So the 1st of December is here! Christmas is now acceptably talked about by all, so what better way to mark the start by listing my favourite Christmas movies?! I don't always watch Christmas movies, only if they're on the TV or they sound good enough to be watched! Also this isn't in order! X

1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Let's face it; any Dr. Suess movie is bound to be a good movie, and this on is no exception! It's really good, and, dare I say, heart-touching.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas
Same with this movie- Tim Burton is AMAZING at what he does. His movies are great and his art style is #goals ! I like how this movie is not all happy and cheerful, it has a hint of Halloween which I LOVE!

3. The Santa Clause 2
I can vaguely remember this movie, if I remember rightly it had a really good storyline, something to do with the Naughty and Nice list!?

4. Prancer
This is adorable! If you haven't seen this yet PLEASE give it a watch. The reindeer is so cute and the storyline thaws my heart!!

5. Serendipity
I watched this with my mum the other week, it was actually a lot better than expected! It's a really cringy romance film, but they're the best type, right?!

So there's a few of my most favourite Christmas movies. I recommend them all to you this Christmas! Have a favourite Christmas movie? Leave it in the comments because I need some reasons not to do Homework, haha!


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