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5 things i've learned from blogging

1 How to use HTML (kind of..)
I never liked computer science at school because coding confused the crap out of me! However, through the times of having this blog, I can safely say that I'm starting to make sense of it. I mean, I can't do anything without the help of Google but I managed to design my blog by myself without paying someone else to do it, so that's worth being proud for!

2 You can't become known without commenting on other people's blogs.
I've had this blog for almost a year. I remember when I got 27 followers and I was over the moon! Now I have 48 and it's kind of got stuck there because I don't promote. I don't know what it is but I get really computer shy, and I hate commenting on people's blogs, so I am slowly trying to get rid of that fear!

3 Thinking of how to phrase things is easier "said" than "typed."
I'm not a massive talking fan, but I find talking so much easier than typing. I always type how I would speak, because it's personal and a friendly way of blogging.

4 My laptop is well used
I watch tv shows on my laptop, watch YouTube on my laptop, do my homework on my laptop. Getting "blog post writing" into that is almost impossible!

5 I do not know how to spell 'definitely'
Who does?! I swear the spelling changes every single day! Every time I put 'definitely' in a sentence, it's not 'definitely'- it's either 'deffinately' or definatley.' I think I'm learning now, thanks to Grammarly



  1. Number 2, gosh Number 2! I blogged for half a year before I realized I haven't commented on people's blogs ever. Hahaha but that's cause I'm an idiot. We learn so much for blogging and it's great to learn from it <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

    1. hahaha! You never realise how much you've learned until you look back! X

  2. The Number 2 I can relate. I have my blog for 5 months now and after realizing that commenting on other blogs can drive more traffic on your blog. I just felt the urge to comment on almost all of the blogs that I read everyday :D

    God Bless on our blogs.
    Cheers to us Under 18 bloggers :D
    Mac | Weekly Struggles


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