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5 Ways Of Sleeping Easier

I have done a post on some of my sleeping hacks awhile ago, but I've found some new tips that I wanted to share.

1. Lavender Scent
If you have anything with a lavender smell (room spray, soap, body lotion) then night time is the right time to use it. A good method is spraying a lavender spray on your pillow before you get into bed, I do this and it really does work wonders!

2. Write Your Worries On Paper
So, I find that writing is really relaxing and, if you've had a particularly stressful day, chances are your sleep will be affected. If there's something you need to get off your mind, write it down. By doing this, it helps you get everything off your mind so you're less stressed. Having a diary/journal is also handy. Even if you don't write in it daily, by the end of the week, you can see all your problem and see if they've been resolved. If they haven't then face them!

3. Don't Look At Bright Screens
For an hour before you get in bed, don't go on your phone, computer, TV. It's hard, I know, but if you do need to text someone, make sure the brightness is down. WARNING: If you do look at electronic screens right before bed, you could grind your teeth (I learned that the hard way...)

4. Wear Yourself Out
The reason you're going to bed is because you need to re-energise, so if you go to bed with full energy, it's harder to go to bed. So keep yourself busy during the day and you'll sleep like a log!

5. Don't listen to loud music
You can listen to music, but if it's really heavy, it can somehow trigger bad dreams. This is different for everyone so if listening to music helps you sleep, ignore this tip!

That's all folks! Hope these sleeping tips helps you in some way or the other! Make sure to check out my other Sleeping Tips blog post.

Isabel X


  1. Lavender is the best. It can really make you feel sleepy.

    Cheers! God Bless
    Mac | Weekly Struggles

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