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Barbie Dolls

Disclaimer: Not a blog post actually about barbie dolls!

Allegedly, girls are supposed to be as fake as barbie dolls; we're supposed to wear certain clothes, be a certain weight. However, there are so many things on the internet that state that women shouldn't follow them rules. People are starting to say that girls now are beautiful when they have a bit of bulk on their bones.

So where does that leave barbie doll figured girls? Are they not beautiful because they still look like barbies? Why should a number on a scale define a person? Society has been forever putting big girls down for being big, and now it seems we're doing it to thin girls. As long as you are happy and healthy, why should girls have to be how people want them to be?

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Okay, so I thought I'd have more to say on this topic but I obviously  didn't...

Edit: Literally a soon as I finished this post, I was informed that Barbie had brought out a range of different sized Barbies. What a coincidence!


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  1. Well said! It wouldn't do for us to be all the same Xx


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