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a day out

So my mum and dad tricked me today. I asked them if we could have a trip to The Range to get some black paper for my Art homework, and they were all for it. When we were all in the car, ready to go to 'The Range', my dad started talking about Barnard Castle; if you're not familiar with this place, it's basically a little town with a bunch of shops and antique shops. Ever since I can remember, every time they dragged me round antique shops I used to absolutely HATE it! It's so boring and dull! (sorry if you're an antique lover, you do you.)

When we arrived at Barnard Castle, we all wandered (and when I say wandered, I mean at the speed of snails..) to an antique shop. We were only there for about 15 minutes. After, we went over to Boyes to see if they had any black paper, which they didn't

By this time my dad was agitated with hunger, so we went to a fish & chip shop, he got fish and chips, I got sausage and chips, and my mam stole some of our chips! When we were walking to another antique shop, mum spied a little sweet shop, called The White Mouse. So I got a little mix-up and we headed down to an antique shop that just looked like a house with clutter (basically our house!)

Anyway, long story cut short, we had a nice day out, neither mum nor dad bought any antiques, but when we went home, we still had time to go The Range so I got some Art supplies there, successful day!

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