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Christmas Decorations | BLOGMAS

It has been weeks - if not months - since I've published anything on here. But I'm back! And to make up for my absence I've decided to post something everyday of December: BLOGMAS!

To start the Christmas spirit off, I've got a post full of decorative goodness!

I love decorating this surface for Christmas!

I think I got this Christmas tree from The Range.

This is my newest addition to the Christmas tree: I absolutely love it!

This ornaments will forever be my favourite! I can't remember where I got them from though.

Instead of a star, I have an opened silver bauble, definitely a good alternative!

Trying to get organised with printable monthly calendars... it's not working.

This year my mum surprised me with an Asos Beauty calendar. It has tons of great products in it, I'll have to keep you updated!

I love the print inside!

Tune in tomorrow where I will be posting a list of movies you should watch this Christmas!

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