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Movies to watch this Christmas! | BLOGMAS

Day 2 of Blogmas and I'm already running out of ideas, oh god!

I thought I would give you a list of Christmas-y films that you should consider watching this Christmas!

It's A Wonderful Life
I remember seeing this film on TV last year for the first time. I never really thought of watching it - as it is in black and white- but honestly, it's such a heartwarming film!

Moulin Rouge
Okay, this probably isn't the most Christmas related film in the world, but for some reason it reminds me of Christmas time! I think it's because it's such a joyful musical movie that it puts you in a good spirit!

The Santa Clause movies
I LOVE these Christmas movies; especially the first one! I find it to be such a feel good film, really cheerful and cheesy - just what is needed this christmas!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
These's always a debate about this film being either a Halloween or Christmas film. To me, it's Christmas. Using my logic, anything with snow in it is immediately a Christmas film! Also, anything Tim Burton is immediately the best thing ever!

Because it's Elf!


  1. I have never watched the nightmare before Christmas. I need to watch it this year. x

    1. Honestly you've never lived till you've watched it! X


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