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Winter Pamper Evening | BLOGMAS

Tonight I treated myself to a relaxing 'pamper' evening, although there wasn't much pampering, more or less just lounging about in comfortable pyjamas! Here's how I spent my night!

Today in my Asos beauty calendar, I got this Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash. I liked the sound of it so instead of my usual skincare regime, I used this to remove my makeup. From first impressions, I absolutely love it! It removed my makeup effortlessly and didn't irritate my skin one bit: it left my skin actually feeling fresh and clean! 

As today was a hair washing day, I obviously used shampoo and conditioner. I normally use L'Oreal Fibrology, but I remembered I had this Joico fullness and volume set, so I used that. I have been using this on and off, and personally, I can feel a difference in my hair; it's definitely not been falling out as much!
As for outfit choices... oversized jumper and a pair of old leggings!
I like setting the chilled mood by turning off all the lights, turning all my little lights on, like my Christmas tree, any fairy lights etc.
I then kick back and relax with a movie. Tonight I was feeling the Moulin Rouge vibes! If you need any Christmas film ideas, don't forget to check out my 'Christmas movies to watch' list
And then I brush my teeth and go to sleep!

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