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Prom Dresses

Lately, I've kind of been a bit prom obsessed! I'm in year 10 now, so this time next year I'll be in my last year and prom will be in several months. I've been scowering the internet for prom dresses and here are just a few that I've found!

This dress is so beautiful! It's slightly puffy but not overpoweringly
puffy, if you know what I mean! I also love the colour!

I think I like nude pink colours, haha! But this dress is stunning! It's like a skater dress,
with how it's light and floaty! I also like the dark lace details!

I love the detailing on the top part. I'm not a huge fan of really
 puffy dresses so this dress looks perfect for me!

Yeah, I definitely have a thing for pink/peach nude colours! I like the
halter neck and I find it flattering on my body type.

This dress really reminds me of Sleeping Beauty (Aurora.) It's a lovely
colour and the diamonte detailing is beautiful.

This dress is SUPER cute! I love the royal blue colour but I feel like it'd probably feel really

This was the first dress that I loved on pinterest! I love the colour, and the top half is
so pretty!

Again with the halter neck, and the colour is not something I'd usually like, but I
do, however, love it in this dress!

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