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Room Tour 2016!

I've recently got a new bed; a day bed. It was from The Original Bed Company. The sheets look SUPER creased! But I can't really do anything about that!

I bought these fairy lights that stick with the bird theme!

At the end of my bed, I've got a collection of bright cushions to go with my wallpaper.

Behind my bed, I've got a bedside table that holds a lamp, tv remote,
and sometimes, my electronics.

I've got these shelves with perfumes, ornaments, and letters spelling 'D R E A M'.

To the left of my chest of drawers, I've got a Ted Baker body lotion, a tub with bracelets, and a bowl with randoms things in.

I've got a heart tray with some other random stuff on, including a mason jar with hair bands in.
Here's my wardrobe. I'd show you inside but that is where the majority of the mess is!

Next to my Dressing Table, I've got a set of drawers. Again, inside are not tidy so I will just show you the top! 

This is where I keep SD cards, just because it looks pretty and organised!

Here's my dressing table

To the left, I have powders, foundations, creams etc.

And to the right, I have mascara, hair & makeup brushes, hair grips, and eyeliners.

And finally, here's my TV corner
That one time I painted an eye and it didn't go bad. WE HAVE TO BROADCAST THESE ACHIEVEMENTS!

And lastly, to tie the whole bird theme together, this wall decoration, saying 'The Sky's The Limit'

So that's my new room! I've done another room tour last year, but I've recently had a re-vamp, so I thought I'd share to give some roomspiration! If you want to know where anything is from, leave a comment and I'll get back to you!


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  1. I love your room! Those little fairy lights are so cute! I can't believe that little shell is a lamp! x

    Tamz |


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