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5 Helpful Sites For Blogging

So through the time I've been working on this blog, I've discovered many great Sites/Apps that really help me out.

1. Grammarly- We've all been there. is it 'should of' or should have'? Well, this app is there for you. Basically, it checks your grammar, spelling and punctuation to make sure you haven't made any mistakes before publishing a post. Just follow the steps on the site!

2. Befunky- A free site where you can edit and create collages. There's also a new element to the site called  'designer' that is the basics of graphic designs. From blog headers to business cards, it has a variety of templates to get you started. 

3 Bitly- This sites creates short URL's for anything. For example this post can be shortened from to This is really useful for social media, where you may be limited on characters.

4 Google Drive
Best thing for transfering photos! I always use this to get photos from my SD card > computer > iPod. And the great this about Google Drive is that it's easy, safe, accessible on every device and free!

5 Pexels
This site is full of high-quality free stock photos that you can use on your blog without having to ask permission from the owner (+ credit the owner) I've only just found out about this site so I'll definitely be using it!!


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  1. away to check these out now, been looking to see how I shorten URLS for a while now :)


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