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5 Products I Could Not Live Without!

When I started filling my eyebrows in, I used an Avon eyebrow palette, but that was nothing compared to this! Barry M has such good, yet affordable products. I've been using their eyebrow kit for probably more than 3 years, and I do not know what I'd do without it!

I use this concealer religiously! I still can't find a fault in this concealer. It's good coverage, highlighting, and long lasting!

Slightly, on the high end of the drugstore. I bought this foundation a while back, but I've only really started using in recently. It's such a good foundation. Long wear, medium-full coverage, and it's somewhat of a light feeling. It's not cakey at all, which I like!

This blooming mascara is cheap and chips! And it does what it says; no clumps! It leaves my lashes long and voluminous. It also makes them a lot darker, which I like. It gives your eyes more definition.

I honestly do not know what I'd be doing without this! I obviously can't speak for everyone, but this 100% works! I know so many people who use this and also think the same thing. I am due another one because I have hit pan immensely. 


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