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Blogging Series: naming your blog

Hey, reader! So because you're reading this, chances are you need some help starting a blog. I thought I'd start a blogging series in aid of new bloggers. I don't know much, but I think I know enough!

Anyway. It took me FOREVER to come up with a name for my blog. I searched everywhere looking for inspiration. Here're a few tips that helped me. I'll keep it short because I don't want to overwhelm anyone!

Keep it Simple
Okay, so I got 'Simple' from this tip. I kept reading things that said to have a simple, yet enchanting name. I basically put both words together and got 'Simple Enchantment.' Try to think of something that people will remember. Don't use a tonne of numbers and dashes!

Keeping it unique is my number one tip for you! Please DO NOT steal other people's ideas- this is literally my worst pet peeve. Be inspired by others but never EVER copy!

Make it relevant to your niche
If you are wanting to go down the fashion path, you might want to include keywords to do with fashion eg. Wear, mode, Trend. Whatever path you're wanting to go down, make a list of keywords linked with it. This list will also help when it comes round to SEO.

Make it relevant to YOU!
Try not to get caught up in trends. Make your Blog name unique. I saw a blog the other day that had copied off Sprinkle of Glitter. As appealing as the name may be, it might not be relevant to you. Who are you? What do you do? Ask yourself these questions and a blog name will come round easy!

Here are some adjectives to help you out. I wish I had this when I was thinking of a name!-

My last tip is to make a list of ideas. When I was experimenting, I made headers with all different names to see which looked the best. Making lists are the best method! Don't just name your blog something, you have to really like it because it's the name you will have for the rest of your blogging days.

Hope this helps! More Blogging Tips to come!

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