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Edinburgh Highlights

Hello everyone! So last Thursday I had a trip to Edinburgh with my mum and grandma. We did a spot of shopping (you can read my haul here.) I wanted to share my highlights of the trip on my blog so here it is!
On the first day, we went to The Dome for tea. We all got these delicious burgers, they were SOO big and really filling!
Let me just address where we were staying. We stayed in the Ballantrae Hotel on York Street. It took us a lifetime to find, but once we did, we were pleasantly surprised with the size of the room. Mum had the middle bed, and my grandma slept on single beds on either side. The beds were pretty uncomfortable, as the springs were pretty painful and the pillows gave me a bad neck but overall the hotel was nice. We got continental breakfast, which was surprisingly more than just a croissant! 
This is the view of Old Town (I think...) On this particular day, the sun was shining!

Another one from in Old Town.

I can't remember where this was taken, but I thought this little alley was really sweet! I love the industrial vibes from the fairy lights!

Here's the train tickets for on the way home. We got First Class seats, which meant free food and free wifi!!
So that was a few highlights from Edinburgh. I also had a bad experience in MAC, the woman who was doing my eyeshadow demo looked as though she would rather have been cleaning toilets out! And I wasn't too amazed at the outcome of the eye look either! Apart from a few things, overall Edinburgh was a lovely place to shop and explore!

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