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I have a thing for burgundy.

There are things we all do without knowing, but we never realise until someone literally pins you to a corner and confronts you. For example, my mam informed me that every time I get too full at the dinner table, I swing myself around and sit at an angle with one leg on the chair. Now, I'm conscious that I do it, but it doesn't stop me!

I've figured I'm slightly addicted to the colour burgundy. I didn't know I was until I went through my wardrobe and found that the majority of the things I am most attracted to are either speckle grey, or burgundy! 

I think my love for burgundy came from the phase I went through over red. I remember I actually left the house in red converse, red leggings, and a stripey red dress (I was young, don't judge me!) A* for colour co-ordination though! And I remember I used to be obsessed with really dark and/or vibrant purple. At some point in my life I really wanted MAC's lipstick Heroine! 

So I guess my thing for burgundy comes between red and purple!

Are you subconsciously addicted to a colour?

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