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My blog is 1 years old today!

Hello everyone! So my blog has turned One years-old today! quick, get the firecrackers! But seriouly, I never thought I would be able to stick to something like this for more than a week! And I owe it to you all, for commenting, or for just engaging in my blog posts. Without you, I wouldn't have kept it up for this long (whether that's a good thing or not, haha!) Anyways, enough of the cheesy stuff, I thought I'd share 10 of my favourite posts on this blog (oooh, cheeky self-promo, sorry...)

**Not in order**

10 The Big Dignity Drop
This was one of the first posts I wrote. I've just read it then and I'm cringing from the story... dhexdcgfryudhuvhgedfcnbdfbsg, sorry! I still love it, though it brings back memories!

9 33 Things to do when you're bored
I completely forgot about this post! It has actually given me a few ideas for the Easter holidays (because we have nearly 4 weeks off, whoop woop!!) It's a really handy list, so I'd recommend checking it out... okay, that sounded like a really bad self-promo, but then again so is the title of this post!

8 Summer Haul | Clothing Haul
Basically, I picked this as one of my favourites because I miss Summer! I need some sun :(
And I really want to go summer clothes shopping, but it's a bit early because it's barely even Spring weather!!

7 Drugstore Makeup Essentials
It's funny how these are still my staple items! I always rebuy these items!

Highlights Of My Day
I loved this day because I went out taking photos, which is something I do NOT do enough! However, I am hoping to go out taking photos in the holidays because I really need to get some fresh air!

5 Memories of NYC 2015
Aww, this blog post brought back soooo many great memories. New York was so picturesque, and I want to go a million more times!!

4 Is Social Media Really THAT Bad?
I can remember writing this post, and I had to be really careful about how I said something because, at the time, there was a whole host of people roasting social media... using social media (but that's none of my business...)

3 Why Do Girls Wear Makeup
Another ranting post, heehee. But this still annoys me to this day. I enjoyed writing this post, as it's something that is regularly spoken about, and I think I had some good reasons (if I may say so myself.)

2 GIRLS Christmas Gift Guide and GUYS Christmas Gift Guide
I had a lot of fun creating these two posts, because I loved making the collages, and searching for gifts was really fun and I even found some things that I would like.

1 Beauty Tips With Spoons?!
And finally, and more recent post, this took me literally FOREVER to put together, as I didn't have anyone to take photos so I had to just make random guesses of what I was photographing!! Anyway, I found it really interesting and I really want to test out some more beauty hacks!

So that's ten of my favourite S.E Blog posts! I hope you like them as much as I liked making them! Again, a massive thank you to you all for sticking with me on my blogging journey! Without you, the reader, I would never have continued with my blog!

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